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Replacement Cartridge for Berkey Shower Filter

  • $68.00
Product Description
  • IMPROVES WATER AND VAPOR QUALITY- Reduces up to 98% of harsh chlorine, and addresses other common water contaminants which can damage delicate skin and hair.
  • REPLACE ANNUALLY FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE- Berkey Easy-Replace Shower Filter Cartridges last up to 30,000 gallons or approximately 1 year with typical use, and can be swapped out by hand in mere moments.

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Berkey Shower Filter™:

*The Berkey Shower Filters™ are assembled in the USA from US and imported parts

In the shower environment, chlorine can either be in liquid or gas state. At higher water temperatures in the enclosed shower stall, free-chlorine moves from the liquid to the gas state, where it vaporizes and subsequently is inhaled.

  • The Berkey Shower Filter™ is designed for those who want the benefits of showering in filtered water 
  • May be used with your existing shower head. Also available with massage shower head already installed
  • Designed to last for 20,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first
  • “Full flow” filter insures even distribution of water throughout the media
  • Easy installation of replaceable cartridge with self-sealing threads
  • Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation
  • Effective for both hot and cold water
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Eliminates dirt and odors
  • Reduces free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale, and iron oxide (rust water)
  • Reduces lime, scale, mold, and fungi in showers
  • BPA free
  • Do not use with shut-off valve

    In the shower condition, chlorine can either be in fluid or gas state. At higher water temperatures in the encased shower slow down, free-chlorine moves from the fluid to the gas state, where it vaporizes and therefore is breathed in. The United States controls all shower head stream at 2.5 gallons for each moment. Along these lines, the science behind shower filtration must consider the one of a kind circumstance in the shower, including temperature, stream rate, and volume.

    Since chlorination is a since a long time ago settled general wellbeing practice important for the purification of drinking water, shoppers know about the medical advantages drinking sifted water can give. Nonetheless, it’s astonishing for a few people to discover that half of their day by day introduction is in the shower. The other half originates from their drinking water. In this way, separating shower water is similarly as imperative as sifting drinking water.

    Reported logical investigations infer that washing up is a potential wellbeing hazard. In the encased shower slow down, chlorine vaporizes where it is breathed in. To a lesser degree, dermal assimilation likewise happens. Chlorine is added to slaughter pathogenic microorganisms, for example, microscopic organisms. The exceedingly responsive chlorine joins with unsaturated fats and carbon parts to frame an assortment of dangerous mixes. Therapeutic investigations recommend a connection amongst retention and inward breath of chlorine in the give condition hoisted dangers for maladies and genuine disease. Showering in chlorinated water may likewise cause prior conditions, for example, asthma and skin inflammation, to wind up exacerbated.

    Notwithstanding the advantages of separating water, there are corrective advantages. Side effects of chlorine introduction are dry and additionally chipping skin, dry weak hair, and red aggravated eyes. Separating your shower water lessens these indications.

    Utilizing a licensed mix of high-immaculateness calcium, copper, and zinc; the Berkey Shower Filter™ deals with a comparable standard to a Catalytic Converter in a vehicle. In shower filtration free-chlorine is changed over into an innocuous chloride. The logical name for this compound response is known as “Decrease Oxidation”, normally alluded to as Redox. Redox responses can be artificially mind boggling. Basically expressed, amid a Redox response electrons are exchanged between atoms, making new components. For example, when free-chlorine interacts with the filtration media, it is changed into a considerate water-solvent chloride. This response changes free-chlorine to a bigger chloride component. This is too huge to dissipate or be consumed by the skin. It is then helped innocuously through the water supply.


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