Articles from April 2021

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Articles from April 2021

Chlorine in our tap water?

Chlorine in our water supply? Good or Bad? Does Berkey filter it out?

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Distilled water for drinking?

from distillation machines to bottled distilled water, what are we drinking?

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Using Berkey in Urban Farming
Using Berkey to Start your Spring Garden ..
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Essential Minerals in our drinking water?
Do Berkey Filters Remove Minerals? No, and that's a good thing! The filters in Berkey Water Systems, known as the 
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Does Berkey filter Chromium-6?
Do Berkey Filters Remove Chromium 6?   Yes, view test results! What is Chromium-6? Chromium-6, also known as
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Berkey vs Enagic (Kangen) Alkaline Ionizers
Everyone wants healthy water. Increased pollution and contamination in our modern world has made water products one of t
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