How to Do a System Test

Your Black Berkey purification elements are powerful enough to remove red food colouring from water. This feature allows you to make sure your system is operating properly. Simply fill the upper chamber with water and add a tablespoon of red food colouring per gallon (4 litres) capacity of your system. If the red food colouring is removed entirely, your purification system is working properly. If not, check to make sure that the wing nuts on your system are securely tightened and re-run the test.

It is recommended that the red food colouring test be done upon first use and then at six-month intervals.

Black Berkey Red Food Dye Test

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If you purchased your Berkey system or Black Berkey elements and intend on storing them for any length of time instead of using them right away, we recommend you run the red food colouring test on the elements, dry them thoroughly, then store them in a sealed container until such time as you are ready to use the elements or the system.