How to Prime Black Berkey Elements

The video below will describe in detail how to assemble your new Berkey System.

Priming Elemen Black Berkey

Reason for priming

The micro-pores within the Black Berkey purification elements are extremely small, in fact they are small enough to filter food colouring from water. The benefit from having such extremely small pores is that an exponential increase is realised in the efficiency at removing pathogenic bacteria and other waterborne contaminates. Water tension may require that the purification elements be primed in order to flow properly. The higher the water tension, the more difficult it is for the water, using gravity pressure alone, to force air from the micro-pores of a new element. Priming your purification elements forces the air from the micro-pores of the element.

Priming Steps

Step 1: Press the rubber priming button (tan coloured) onto the stem of the Black Berkey purification element with the small end facing the element.


Step 2: Place the stem of the Black Berkey element between fingers and press the large end of the priming button against faucet.


Step 3: While holding the priming button against the faucet, turn on the cold water gently, allowing the water to fill the cavity of the Black Berkey element.

Step 4: Allow the exterior wall of the Black Berkey purification element to sweat beads of water for about 5 seconds.


Step 5: Rinse process dust from exterior of the purification element. The Black Berkey purification element has now been successfully primed.

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for each additional element.


Do not discard the priming button after the purification elements have been primed. You may need to re-prime elements after cleaning and when elements have been allowed to dry for a prolonged period of time.